• Waterproof VHF-UHF mobile ham radio TYT TH-8600

TYT TH-8600 radios are VHF-UHF dual-display, dual-standby ham radios with 20 watts of power with an ultra-high frequency of 400-470 MHz and up to 25 watts with a VHF frequency from 144-148 MHz. Receives on 400-470 MHz and 136-174 MHz. This mobile ham radio has 200 programmable channels and four programmable function keys, allowing you to maximize flexibility and minimize distractions when using the RX / TX function while driving.

If you're looking for a small, reliable VHF-UHF dual band ham radio that's rugged and capable of instant communications, yet small and lightweight enough to easily fit your vehicle, you need this small VHF-UHF mobile TH-8600 from Tytera.

The TYT TH-8600 Mobile Ham Radio features CTCSS and DSC encoding / decoding, DTMF encoding / decoding, priority channel scanning and dual band reception. The TH-8600 also offers 2Tone / 5Tone decoding and coding, remote suppression / stunning / activation, and a 1750Hz burst tone.

Let's not forget the color LCD screen, because the TH-8600 has one, better yet, this small ham radio mobile is dustproof and dustproof to IP67, which means it's not only rugged enough to roll out road, it is also water repellent and submersible in a meter of water. A micro hand is included, and it is also designed to be waterproof.

With all these options, one thing is clear. The TYT TH-8600 is designed for quad and motorcycling action. Ideal for almost any compact or off-road vehicle. Now you can get it for yours.

This Tytera TH-8600 waterproof VHF-UHF dual band mobile radio comes with a handheld microphone, a mobile mounting bracket, a mobile power cord and a user manual.

Features of the dual band mobile ham radio Tytera TH-8600:

- 200 memory channels.
- Bi-band.
- 144-148 MHz Transmit VHF Frequencies.
- UHF frequencies 400-470MHz.
- Repeater capable.
- Transmitting power 20W (UHF) / 25W (VHF).
- Selectable power.
- Memory channel.
- Sweeping the chains.
- Priority scanning.
- Skip the chain.
- Double watch.
- Locking the busy channel.
- To convince.
- CTCSS / DCS Encoder / Decode.
- Backlit color LCD display.
- Channel name Edit and display.
- Status light.
- Automatic power off.
- Time delay.
- 3.5 mm speaker port.
- Capable of cloning.
- Programmable by PC (requires an optional cable).
- Four programmable function keys.
- Internal speaker.
- Hand microphone.
- Fan.
- IP67 dust and water repellent.
- Waterproof.
- DTMF encoding and decoding.

- Antenna Connector Type: SO-239 (UHF Female).

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Waterproof VHF-UHF mobile ham radio TYT TH-8600

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