• Pocket Morse Code Tutor MFJ-418

Learn Morse code anywhere, anytime with this MFJ Pocket Morse Code / CW Tutor for radio amateur! Take it everywhere! enjoy code at home, going to work, on vacation, on a plane or in a hotel -- no matter where you are. 

Features MFJ Pocket Size Morse Code Tutors will help you learn Morse code quickly and anywhere. First, learn small fixed sets of characters. Previously learned sets are then combined with new sets to reinforce all you have learned. Practice copying, and then instantly replay to check your copy on the LCD display. You can build and save three custom sets of 16 characters for extra practice, an MFJ exclusive.
They're adjustable from 10 to 60 WPM for high speed and use fixed-length or more realistic random-length groups (up to 8 characters). You can change speed on the fly while playing a session from 3 to 60 WPM. A unique SettingSaver automatically saves settings so they're ready to use next time--just turn the unit's SettingSaver on and replay.

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Pocket Morse Code Tutor MFJ-418

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  • Product Code: MFJ
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