• Morse Code Reader Pocket Size MFJ-461

Relax and place this small pocket reader MFJ-461 Morse Code / CW device near your speaker. Then watch morse code signals turn into solid text messages as they scroll on an easy-to-read LCD. No cables to connect, no computer, no interface, no other necessary equipment. Use it as a backup in case you mow a few characters. It makes work at high speed CW very easy though. Practice by copying alone with the MFJ-461. It will help you learn morse code and increase your speed. Listen to interesting QSOs in morse code from amateur radio stations around the world. It is a universal language that is understood throughout the world in all languages.

Features Automatic speed tracking:
MFJ-461 automatically locks and follows CW speed to decode high and low speed Morse code.
The last 140 characters can be replayed instantly. This allows you to re-read or check your copy if you make a copy next to the MFJ-461
High contrast LCD display:
The 2-line LCD display features 32 large, high-contrast 1/4 inch characters. You can display the decoded CW as text and speed or move to all the text on both lines.
Insert into the pocket of your shirt, it's smaller than a pack of cigarettes. Weighs less than 5.5 ounces.

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Morse Code Reader Pocket Size MFJ-461

  • Brand: MFJ
  • Product Code: MFJ
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  • 250.82$


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