• Rack mounted power supply RM-35M

Astron manufactures a full line of reliable DC power suplies that meet the needs of mainstream and professional users. This 35 amp current transformer is equipped with mounting brackets, 2 power indicators and rugged manufacturing. This Astron RM-35M mounted rack power supply converts AC power into DC power. This power supply has 25 continuous amps and 35 amperes of intermittent current, a 115 VAC input to produce an output of 13.8 VDC. Features include current limiting that protects the power supply against excessive current or a short-circuited output, and a fuse mounted on the chassis. If you are an amateur radio, this AstronRM-35M current power supply can be useful in your radio communication station.

Features Rack mounted linear power supply Astron RM-35M:
Power Supply Type: Linear, Regulated
Power Supply Continuous Output: 25A at 13.8 Vdc
Battery Backup: No
Power Supply Peak Output: 35A at 13.8 Vdc
Power Supply Voltage Adjustment Control: Internal
Power Supply Voltage Adjustment Range: 11.0-15.0 Vdc
Power Supply Metering Type: Dual meters
Power Supply High Current Terminal Location: Rear panel
Power Supply Low Current Terminal Location: None
Power Supply Lighter Socket: No
Power Supply Cooling Type: Heat sink
* Input voltage: 105-125 Vac
* RM series Output voltage: 13.8 Vdc +/- 0.05 volts (internally adjustable: 11-16Vdc)
* LSRM series Output voltage: 28.0 Vdc +/- 0.05 volts (internally adjustable 22-32 Vdc)
* Ripple less than 5mv peak to peak (full load and low line).

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Rack mounted power supply RM-35M

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