• MFJ-1700C Antenna transmitter switch

The MFJ 1700C antenna switch are high-power, luxury antenna and transceiver switches. They contain two rotating ceramic switches; You can manually select 1 to 6 antennas and 1 to 6 transceivers in any combination.

It is also possible to use the switches independently via their two common ports. For example, plug your transceiver into the common port of the switch antenna section and put that transceiver on one of six antennas. You can also connect an antenna tuner, power meter, linear device, or other amateur radio device so that it is always connected to the selected antenna and transceiver.

This MFJ-1700C antenna transmitter switch can handle up to 2 kW PEP and antenna loads from 50 to 75 ohms. Unused terminals are automatically grounded for static discharge.

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MFJ-1700C Antenna transmitter switch

  • Brand: MFJ
  • Product Code: MFJ
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 275.91$


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