• MFJ-1046, preselector manual antenna tuner

The new MFJ Passive Selector has an extremely high dynamic range! It improves the performance of almost all amateur HF or shortwave radio receivers / transmitters. Protects your sensitive receiver from damage (including switching diodes and attenuator resistors) caused by very strong signals from a multi-transmitter, multi-band.

It eliminates ghosting by suppressing strong out-of-band signals that cause intermodulation, blocking, and cross-transmodulation. Completely eliminates second-order intermodal problems caused by strong out-of-band short wave scatter signals mixing and producing undesired signals in the band.
The tunable circuit of the unique Hi-Q series from MFJ gives you superb performance. The tunable series tuned circuit operates in a very low impedance formed by wideband toroidal transformers.
At a narrow bandwidth, excellent attenuation of the stop band, very low loss, constant bandwidth and gain on each band. Excellent attenuation in adjacent competition bands.
The entire HF band of 1.6 to 33 MHz is covered by five overlapping bands. A variable air adjustment capacitor, a setting range of 1.8 to 1 and a vernier reduction reader allow you to fine-tune.
Fully shielded metal casing. Hard black finish.

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MFJ-1046, preselector manual antenna tuner

  • Brand: MFJ
  • Product Code: MFJ
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