• TS-890S Kenwood, HF amateur radio transceiver

The excellent user interface of the HF amateur radio transceiver Kenwood TS-890S is based on Kenwood's 70 years of experience. Even the most complex functions are easy to use thanks to the large 7 "display with programmable buttons and the many conventional controls.The search for rare DX stations is greatly facilitated by quickly accessible Split settings Integrated decoders for telegraphy, RTTY and PSK31 / 63 are present, and if you connect a USB keyboard, you can also use these modes without a computer to transmit.For each operating mode, three different FI filter widths can be quickly switched via a separate button.You can connect your existing TS-590S (after a firmware update) as the second receiver on the TS-890S! Many rear ports are available for external devices, including a USB interface that provides a complete board interface the same functions are also available on the LAN (ethernet) connection, the TS-890S HF amateur radio base transceiver can It can be used remotely as a remote station without a computer, which considerably simplifies the configuration of the station and reduces energy consumption! The internal memory of the transceiver, with a capacity of 1 GB, is available for recording received signals, you can also use a USB key as external memory.

Kenwood uses a well-known concept called "H mode" mixer. This mixer works with 4 very fast digital switches in an "H" arrangement (hence the name). One of the reasons this circuit has rarely been used so far is the relatively high requirements of the transformers. In order to avoid mutual influences as well as undesirable mixtures, adaptation adapted to the correct impedance with three transformers specially developed for this purpose is necessary. Kenwood did not shrink from this effort to make this mixer. In addition, in order to make good use of this excellent mixer, a local oscillator with low phase noise is also needed. Here, the manufacturer uses the proven concept of its flagship "TS-990S" with the HMC829 chip. Downstream standard roofing filters do the rest to achieve the best dynamic values: 110 dB 3rd order IMDR, 114 dB for RMDR and 150 dB BDR, measured at a distance of 2 kHz! This should give the TS-890S a prominent place in the usual lists. The benefit to the user is unmodulated reception and outstanding signal processing capabilities even under the most difficult conditions.

The digital technology downstream of the filters uses two very powerful DSPs, clocked at more than 300 MHz. The computing power is amply enough to perfectly control the AGC, but also to make AF filters (notch, peak, noise, etc.). The result for the ambitious amateur is many tuning possibilities to improve the received signal. In addition to the receiver described above, a second digital receiver with a 14-bit AD converter is present, allowing the display of the waterfall diagram on the 7 "screen.A spectrum width up to 500 kHz can be The speed of the waterfall display is very high and is not affected by the other settings.A lot of very innovative ideas make it easy to adjust by pressing on the touch part of the screen. The TS-990 has also been adopted, ie the display of the filters on the HF chain.The large S-meter can be changed by pressing this one.

The transmitter output stage is built with industry-proven MOSFET modules (eg, RD100HHF1). The result obtained is a clear and clean signal that can also drive a power amplifier. The output power can reach 100 W in HF and 50 MHz, and 50 W on 70 MHz. The pilot output is available on a separate socket to allow control of a transverter, also for 137 and 475 kHz. The integrated automatic coupler operates with relays and a sufficient number of L and C components for precise and fast adjustment in a range from 16.7 to 150 Ω. Tuner memories allow a faster tuning cycle when using previously used frequencies. The HF amateur radio base transceiver TS-890S comes standard with an TXCO that offers an accuracy of ± 1ppm. For particularly demanding applications, an external 10 MHz reference clock input is available. The entire transceiver is built on a very robust die-cast aluminum chassis and is equipped with two slow (quiet) rotary fans.

Kenwood HF amateur radio base transceiverTS-890S features:

- All HF bands 60m included, + 6m + 4m.
- Exceptional capacity to support all signals thanks to the mixer in H and its OL with low phase noise.
- Large 7 inch LCD screen, partially touch.
- 4 roofing filters selectable from 15 kHz to 500 Hz.
- 5th optional 270 Hz roofing filter available.
- Independent digital receiver for waterfall.
- Super fast IF DSP for effective control of the AGC.
- Numerous AF filters such as Notch, Peak, Noise Reduction, Noise Blanker and much more.
- Power PA 100W up to 50 MHz, 50W on 70 MHz.
- Built-in automatic tuner 16.7 - 150 Ω.
- TCXO stability ± 0.1 ppm built-in.
- Built-in CW decoder, transmit with external USB keyboard, or with built-in electronic manipulator.
- Integrated RTTY and PSK-31 / PSK-63 decoder, external USB keyboard transmission.
- Digimode interface via USB port and LAN network interface.
- Remote control via LAN.
- Free ARCP-890 Control Software.
- 1GB of memory for up to 9 hours of signal recording, and even more with an external USB stick.
- 120 memories for the most used frequencies.
- 3 programmable function keys.
- Voice cancellations capability built-in.
- DVI-I connector for external display.

The content of the delivery:

- Kenwood Radio TS-890S.
- 13.8V power cable.
- Various connectors (DIN 7p, DIN 13p).
- Replacement fuses.
- User's Guide.

The accessories that came with the HF amateur radio transceiver Kenwood TS-890S do not include the microphone.

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TS-890S Kenwood, HF amateur radio transceiver

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