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This is an indispensable communication system for anyone interested in paranormal phenomena. This device allows you to instantly hear unexplained voices from the afterlife. These voices, called EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), usually express intelligence because they often call for elements to identify people in different environments. In addition, the paranormal communications encountered are generally related to known facts about a haunted site, such as details about the spirits of the people there. This paranormal communication device is the most famous for instant communication with spirits because it has been the favorite of many Paranormal TV shows.

This spirit box model offers an enhanced FM frequency scan that includes 119 new additional frequencies (compared to the 2009 release version) from 76 MHz to 87.9 MHz. No other radio spirit box currently offers this. This unit allows you to establish paranormal communications by scanning the FM band and AM band with a unique high-frequency synthetic noise, a white noise for example, where the spiritual voices are apparently able to form words. The key is to focus and train the ear to distinguish the messages formed in the white noise. It is important to use a voice recorder or other recording device. You can therefore consult the EVP (phenomenon of electronic voice). There is free audio software on the Internet that you can download to analyze a PVR in detail.

The scanning speed has 7 different speeds. So you can experiment and choose the speed at which you are personally most comfortable to hear the EVPs. Radio frequencies can also be swept backwards or forwards to help entities deposit their voices. A noise canceling circuit has been added to the FM band for lighter transmission. To save space and allow power for the necessary changes, the volume of the internal speaker is not powerful enough, it is best to connect an external speaker or earphone.

The Transcommunication Instrumentale, or T.C.I., is the technique that allows the recording of the voices of the Beyond through a tape recorder and an external microphone.

With this paranormal communication device you will be able to hear different types of spirit voices from the afterlife.

There are mainly 4 types of voice:
- Serious or very serious, which is classified with cavernous voices.
- Aïgues or very agues, that we classify metallic voices.
- Whispered or whispered, which we list of voices breathes.
- Normal intonations.

As far as the intonation of these voices is concerned, it is quite obvious that the terrestrial voice is produced by the larynx, which is an organ of the physical body, which no longer exists on the other side, like the vocal cords, all the while. less in the form known to us; so do not systematically expect the person in the Hereafter to speak in the same voice as when alive on Earth. It happens regularly to obtain perfectly recognized voices, ie identical to the one they had here.

You will hear voices, screams, anything, all that is said on the radio. You will see that everything will be cut off so you will hear bits of something, words. First, be safe, and not stressed. If you are stressed, the mind will be, and will not want to communicate with you. The first thing to do, is to greet the spirits present, a simple presentation preceded by a hello, we must also reassure them if necessary. Then it will be up to you to ask the questions. Questions, preferably that are answerable yes or no. Basic questions that can be a kind of revelation for you. You will have an answer, be attentive. If you really expect nothing, wait 1 minute or 2 before the next question. When you wait for an answer, be careful. You must respect the spirits, if they give of their time, you must be satisfied.

You have lost a loved one, child, sister, brother, relative or close friend. Hearing these voices from the other side, greatly soothes our mourning and the fear of nothing before our death.

These voices really communicate with the living! For those who are beginning to use this technique and to make sure you understand the message. We advise you to listen to your recordings the next day or better, two to three days later.

This paranormal communication device has been designed specifically for ghost hunters, but works equally well for novices and professionals (such as popular ghost hunting reality TV shows).

 Here are some reasons why this paranormal medium is so popular for your surveys:

- It's relatively inexpensive.
- It's small enough to be hand-held.
- Can be connected to a portable speaker or headphones.
- Backlit display for use in dark environments.
- Has an exclusive FM scan that gives access to over 100 new frequencies.

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Paranormal communication device

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