• CTC-50M Comet, window feed-thru jumpers

Comet window adapters are 50-ohm flat flexible power supplies with SO-239 UHF female connectors at each end. They are used to route the RF through a window frame without drilling holes for the coaxial cable or connectors.

These jumpers are almost 16 "long and are made of copper-plated steel and PET plastic to allow low RF power transfer with a nominal loss of only 0.5 dB up to 500 MHz, and are usable up to at 1300 MHz!

If it is forbidden to drill in the wall, or if there is no way to drill a hole sufficient for your coaxial cable, then a Comet window feed-thru jumper may be the problem solver you need ! Here are the specifications that will help you decide if any of these practical flat cable assemblies are right for you:

* Frequency range: DC-1300 MHz
* Connectors: SO-239
* Impedance: 50 Ohm
* Length: 15.75 inches
* Maximum power: HF 100W PEP, VHF: 60W FM, UHF 40W FM, 900 MHz-1.3 * GHz: 10W FM
* TOS: Less than 1.3: 1 below 500 MHz, Less than 1.5: 1 above 500 MHz
* Loss: DC-500 MHz = 0.5 dB, 500-900 MHz = 1.3 dB, 900-1300 MHz = 1.8 dB

Features Coaxial Cable Type: Flat feeder, flexible
Cable Connector End 1: UHF female, SO-239
Cable Connector End 2: UHF female, SO-239
Center Conductor Material: Copper-clad steel
Dielectric Material: Solid polyethylene
Coaxial Cable Length: 1.3 ft.
UV-Resistant: Yes
Direct Bury: No

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CTC-50M Comet, window feed-thru jumpers

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