• Hy-Gain HAM-VII Rotator with controller kit

The new Hy-Gain HAM-VII rotator Kit includes the HAM-IVR rotator unit as well as the innovative DCU-3 digital automatic controller. This new combo is the digital version of the HAM-IV, so it is perfect for the amateur radio station connected to the computer.

The HAM-VII Ham-7 Hy-Gain rotator is perfect for medium-sized networks up to 15 ft2 wind load. It is virtually weather-resistant and has an alloy ring gear for maximum strength. Low temperature grease provides reliable operation in cold weather while integrated ferrite balls reduce RF sensitivity.

The DCU-3 automatic digital controller is adjustable, scalable and customizable to your amateur radio installation. It works directly with the rotator control software via a USB or RS232 port. They have an adjustable coast delay, and will automatically check to make sure your rotator is free to safely turn your directional antenna. Here are other great features of DCU-3:

* 6 programmable presets.
* Precise precise adjustment to 1 degree.
* Automatic or manual control.
* AutoJog helps free brakes "sticky".
* Bright LCD display can show the actual beam header.
* Adjustable sleep timer.
* Compatibility of Ham Radio Deluxe software.

Features Wind Load Rating (Inside Tower): 15 sq. ft.
Rotator Turning Power: 800 in.-lbs.
Rotator Effective Moment (Inside Tower): 2,800 ft.-lbs.
Wind Load Rating (Mast Mounted): 7.5 sq. ft.
Directional Display Type: Digital readout.
Maximum Antenna Mast Diameter: 2.063 in.
Rotator Mount Type: Tower.
Rotator Brake Type: Wedge brake.
Rotator Brake Power: 5,000 in.-lbs.
Rotator Bearing Type: Dual race, 98 bearings.
Control Cable: 8-conductor.
Console Input Voltage: 120 Vac.

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Hy-Gain HAM-VII Rotator with controller kit

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