• Hy-Gain HAM-V Rotator with controller

The HAM-V Hy-Gain rotator is similar to the HAM-IV Hy-Gain rotator, but includes the Pathfinder DCU-1 digital automatic controller with plasma display. (see DCU-1 for detailed information). The DCU-1 provides automatic brake, rotator and calibration operation. It is computer-controlled with the RS-232 port and is compatible with many logging and challenge programs. Includes 6 presets for beam headers, 1 degree accuracy, 8 seconds automatic braking delay, 360 degree center position selection, and much more.

Low temperature grease allows normal operation down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Alloy rings provide additional resistance up to 100,000 psi for maximum reliability. This Ham V Ham 5 rotator has two 98-ball ball raceways for load resistance, and an electrically lockable steel wedge lock that prevents wind-induced antenna movement.

Features HAM-V Rotator Specifications:

Wind Load Capacity (inside tower): 15 square feet.
Wind Load (w/ Mast Adapter): 7.5 square feet.
Turning Power: 800 pounds.
Brake Power: 5000 pounds.
Brake Construction: Electric Wedge.
Bearing Assembly: Dual race/96 ball bearings.
Mounting Hardware: Clamp Plates/Steel U-Bolts.
Control Cable Conductors: 8
Effective Movement (in tower): 2800 ft/lbs.

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Hy-Gain HAM-V Rotator with controller

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