• HF-AUTO Palstar, automatic antenna tuner
The 1800-watt Palstar HF-AUTO Automatic HF-AUTO Antenna Calibrators for HF Amateur Radio upgrade to the next level and offer automatic tuning with 1,800 watts of power. Originally rated at 1500 watts, Palstar has increased the rating to reflect the true capacity of their tuner.

Like all Palstar products, the HF-AUTO Automatic Antenna Calibrator has been designed according to the Palstar tradition for high quality products. The auto-calibrator has been around for years, but most of them use slap relays and localized components, so the match is still slightly out of sync. Palstar has reinvented the auto-tuner with quiet and continuously variable components for perfect match every time. They have crowned this success with a unit capable of tuning only 2 watts of power, but which can handle up to 1,800 watts.

Features of the Palstar HF-AUTO 1800 Watts Automatic Antenna Tuner:

- Frequency coverage from 1.8 to 54 MHz
- 1800 watts PEP / CW 1.8 -29.9 MHz, 800 watts PEP 50-54 MHz
- Display from 0 to 1800 watts of average, peak and peak measurement
- Large green backlit LCD display with 4 large print lines for reading RF power, SWR, frequency, antenna port selection, inductor (L) and capacitor (C) position, indication mode and configuration information
- Tuning time 4-6 seconds with stepper motors controlled by high speed processor
- Wide Custom Variable Differential Capacitor, 470-10-470pF, 5.5kV
- Ceramic body roller inductor
- Three (3) coaxial output connectors SO-239 (female UHF)
- Required power: 12VDC at 6 amps (motors running during adjustment); 350ma (no adjustment) - 3-pin Amphenol type connecting lead provided
- The chassis and the top cover are 11ga. Iridite coated aluminum with powder coating

Features Antenna Tuner Type: Automatic
Antenna Tuner Location: Desktop
Weather-Resistant: No
Mobile Whip Tuner: No
Tuner Maximum Power Rating: 1,800 watts
Frequency Range: 1.8-54 MHz
Tuner Inductor Type: Roller
Tuner Capacitors: 1
Tuner Bypass Switch: Yes
Tuner Control Type: External
Internal Dummy Load: No
Internal Balun Type: None
DC Power Required: Yes
Tuner Width: 12.500 in.
Tuner Height: 6.750 in.
Tuner Depth: 14.000 in.
Tuner Weight: 20.00 lbs.

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HF-AUTO Palstar, automatic antenna tuner

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