• Comet CFX-324A Triplexer for amateur radio

The Comet CFX-324A is a 2M / 220 MHz / 70 cm triplexer for amateur radio. This triplexer could also be called a combiner or splitter, it is essentially bandpass filters, which simultaneously transmit the RF in both directions through the common connector, while the bandpass filters provide a high degree of isolation between ports.

Here are various applications for this triplexer:

- TX and RX of three amateur radio devices at the same time in a single tri-band antenna.
- Combine a tri-band radio with separate outputs into a single tri-band antenna.
- Allow a single coaxial passage in three antennas at the top of the tower, and three radios at the bottom, using a triplexer at both ends of the coaxial race, avoiding cost and weight.
- Choose from versions with a variety of bandpass frequency bands, with or without coaxial cords, and connector combinations.


Low-pass frequency coverage: 1.3-150 MHz.
Average pass frequency coverage: 200-320 megahertz.
High-pass frequency coverage: 390-500 MHz.
Low-pass loss: 0.2 dB.
Average loss of passage: 0.25 dB.
High-pass loss: 0.3 dB.
PEP low-pass: 600 watts.
Mid Pass PEP: 600 watts.
PEP high-pass: 600 watts.
Insulation: 40 dB.
Mix connector: UHF female, SO-239.
Type of low-pass connector: UHF male, PL-259.
Mid Pass Port Connector Type: UHF Male, PL-259.
Port Connector Type High Pass: UHF Male, PL-259.

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Comet CFX-324A Triplexer for amateur radio

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