• AT-600PROII LDG, automatic antenna tuner
The AT-600ProII tuner supports up to 600 watts SSB and CW and 300 on RTTY (1.8-30 MHz) and 250 watts on 54 MHz. It features the Switched-L tuner at the cutting edge of LDG technology. Its bar graph display on the front panel and the optional remote needle scan meter display all tuner and power readings.

The AT-600ProII tuner adapts virtually to any type of coaxial antenna, including Yagis, dipoles, inverted Vs, slopers, loops ... just about anything. It will generally match a SWR 10: 1 up to 1.5: 1 in seconds. You can also use AT-600ProII tuners with endpoints, random leads and antennas powered by a ladder line simply by adding a balun.

These tuners have two antenna ports with a front panel indicator indicating which one is used and separate memory banks for each antenna. Easy-to-read LED bargraphs for RF power, ROS and tuner status, touch control buttons, and LED bypass indicator complete the user interface. As with most RF Sensing autotuners, AT-600ProII tuners automatically tune into any installation without the need for accessory band switching cables. OPTIONAL Antenna Tuner Radio Interface Cable automates transceiver control, if supported by your particular transceiver.

An optional analog remote gauge with a 6-foot patch cord offers a touch of amateur tradition. Any 11-16 VDC power source can be used. AT-600ProII tuners only consume 750 mA.
Additional features of the LDG AT-600ProII include:

* 4,000 memories for an instantaneous tape change
* 2-position antenna switch with memories for each position
* Tuning time: 0.5 to 6 seconds Full tuning, 0.1 seconds of memory tuning
* Optional antenna tuner radio interface cable available
* Built-in frequency counter for memory operation
* Grants loads from 6 to 800 ohms (16 to 150 ohms on 6M)
* DC power cable
* Weighs 3 lbs
Features Antenna Tuner Type: Automatic
Antenna Tuner Location: Desktop
Weather-Resistant: No
Mobile Whip Tuner: No
Tuner Maximum Power Rating: 600 watts
Frequency Range: 1.8-54 MHz
Tuner Inductor Type: Automatic
Tuner Capacitors: Automatic
Tuner Bypass Switch: Yes
Tuner Control Type: External
Internal Dummy Load: No
Internal Balun Type: None
DC Power Required: Yes
Tuner Width: 8.500 in.
Tuner Height: 2.500 in.
Tuner Depth: 10.500 in.
Tuner Weight: 3.00 lbs.

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AT-600PROII LDG, automatic antenna tuner

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