• CK-3NMO Comet, Deluxe Mount Cable Assemblies 17 ft

These CK-3NMO assemblies have a 16.75 '(5m) coaxial cable, the first 18' '(18' ') is RG-174 type to facilitate entry into the seal of your vehicle. The remaining 15.25ft cable after the RG-174 is a low loss moving cable. They also feature Teflon® insulation and a 24-carat PL-259 center pin. These assemblies also include a detachable barrel for easy routing, if necessary.

The mini-coax is neither the RG-188 nor the RG-174 ... it's actually the Japanese coax 1.5D-QEFV Comet says it's a coaxial RG-174 because they have similar loss and diameter specifications. The rest of the coax is Japanese 3.5D-QEFV. There is no 'RG' equivalent to 3.5D-QEFV. The RG-58 connectors do not match the Coaxial 3.5D-QEFV, the Comet coax has a plus large outer diameter and a larger central core and has about 30 percent less loss than the RG 58. All coaxial cables produced by Comet use Comet low-loss coaxial (Japanese).

Maximum power for Comet CK-3NMO coaxial cable assemblies:

* 25 MHz: 200 W
* 140 MHz: 70 W
* 440 MHz: 45 W

These powers are due to the use of a mini coaxial to allow a practical installation.

Features Antenna Mount Base Type: NMO
Magnetic Base: No
Cable Included: Yes
Cable Length (ft): 16.750 ft.
Cable Connector Type: UHF male, PL-259
Cable Connector Adapter Included: No

Notes: Deluxe mobile cable designed specifically for use with Comet or Maldol lip mounting brackets. 16.75 ft. cable Includes an 18 in. section of RG-174 type coax cable for easy pass through the weather seal.

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CK-3NMO Comet, Deluxe Mount Cable Assemblies 17 ft

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