• MFJ-269C Pro RF  Antenna analyzer

The MFJ 269C Pro RF Antenna Analyzers combine five basic circuits: a variable oscillator, a frequency counter, a frequency multiplier, a 50-ohm RF bridge, a 12-bit A / D converter, and a microcontroller. They perform a wide variety of useful antenna and RF impedance measurements, including coaxial cable loss and electrical distance to an open or short. 520 MHz applications allow operations across many commercial / government VHF / UHF bands.

Primarily designed for analyzing antenna systems and 50-ohm transmission lines, the 269C pro MFJs measure RF impedances between a few ohms and several hundred ohms. A user-controlled Z0 setting easily accessible in the function menus allows the SWR and other SWR functions (return loss, reflectance, adaptation efficiency, etc.) to be changed to any normalized impedance value between 5 and 600 ohms. This feature is particularly useful in 75-ohm and 300-ohm antenna systems.

The MFJ 269C Pro RF Analyzer also functions as a non-precision signal source and frequency counter. The operating frequency range of this unit ranges from 0.53 to 230 MHz in nine overlapping bands and includes extended SWR measurements in the 415-520 MHz band. They have an extended commercial style housing for lab work (helps protect buttons and connectors from damage). They require 10 AA batteries for portable operation (sold separately).

The MFJ-269C Pro is similar to the standard MFJ-269, but also has extended UHF frequency coverage (415-520 MHz) and an industrial-grade metal case.

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MFJ-269C Pro RF Antenna analyzer

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