• MFJ-225 HF/VHF  Graphic antenna analyzer

MFJ-225 analyzers feature a built-in, 3-inch LCD backlit LCD display. Capture vivid sweep displays for SWR, impedance, return loss, phase angle and more. The operation is simple, you can adjust the center frequency, tuning step, and sweep width immediately while watching your screen.

This antenna analyzer tunes from 1.5 MHz to 179.9 MHz with rock-solid stability and no gaps. Indeed, the MFJ-225's VFO is a state-of-the-art Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) generator with a 1 kHz point frequency resolution. Their DDS stimulus generator also gives you a -5 dBm level signal source to drive mixers, low power amplifiers, filters, arrays, diplexers and antennas over the test range. And your test signal is always clean, with over -50 dBc suppression of harmonic and parasitic signals.

The MFJ-225 analyzers simultaneously compile and display all the important parameters you need on a single screen, giving you a wider range of results at a glance! In addition to traditional single-port reflected power measurements (S11), the MFJ-225s offer the invaluable advantage of direct 2-port (S21) power measurements, which are essential for optimizing filters, diplexers, and networks. correspondents, etc.

MFJ-225 graphics analyzers use multiple power sources. It powers itself up to two hours using standalone AAA NiMH batteries (not included). It also works on the USB port of your PC. Connecting any external power source will automatically charge the internal NiMH batteries.

All analyzers require periodic calibration checks, a time-consuming operation. However, the MFJ-225s use built-in firmware to perform their entire calibration routine in less than a second. Just initiate the "calibrate" command, and you're done. The MFJ-225 analyzers have a sturdy aluminum housing and are designed to absorb shocks, while continuing to provide reliable performance year after year.

Features MFJ-225 features:

* Large monochrome LCD screen
* PC screens in color via USB link
* SWR measurements (1: 1 to 9.9: 1)
* Measures the complex impedance (R + jX)
* Measures the amplitude of the impedance (Z)
* Measures return loss (RL, 0-30dB)
* Measure the phase (0-180 degrees)
* Measures the capacity (0-9999pF)
* Measures the inductance (.1uH-80uH)
* Measures the length of the cable (0.5-45m)
* Measures cable loss (0-30dB)
* Requires 4 AAA NiMH batteries or optional AC adapter (not included)
* PC interface requires USB Type B cable (not included)
* OUT port is UHF-female
* IN port is SMA female
* Internal NiMH battery charger (12V input for charging the battery only)
* Aluminum casing.

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MFJ-225 HF/VHF Graphic antenna analyzer

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