• HF linear amplifier AL-800 for amateur radio

The Ameritron AL-800 HF Amateur Radio Amplifier is a 1,200-watt linear PEP output amplifier that operates from 160 to 15 meters. The AL-800 amplifier uses a single 3CX800A7 tube in a class AB2 grounding circuit. The high-quality RF power supply and components combine with a peak detection directional coupler, a front-panel adjustable ALC circuit, automatic polarization switching, electronic gate current, and thermal overload protection to provide the highest performance. best amplifiers 3CX800A7. The AL-800 HF amplifiers are perfect for the amateur radio and are wired in the factory for 120 V, 50/60 Hz mains voltage, but can easily be converted to other power supply voltages between 90 and 250 Vac.

Features Input
* Circuit type: Pi-network, slug tuned coils
* Maximum VSWR at resonance: 1.3:1 or less
* Minimum 2:1 VSWR bandwidth: 20 percent of center frequency
* Maximum drive power permissible: 100 watts PEP
* Typical drive for full power output: 85 watts
* Circuit type: Pi-L, Pi-network
* Typical SSB PEP voice operation: 1,200+ watts
* CW continuous operation: 850 watts
* 1/2 hour PEP two-tone test: 1,200 watts
* 1/2 hour continuous carrier (RTTY): 700 watts
* Frequency coverage: 1.8 to 21 MHz amateur bands.
* Third order IMD: -35 dB or better (at rated output)
* CW: approximately 65 percent
* SSB: approximately 65 percent (envelope crest)
Power Supply
* Circuit type: full wave voltage doubler
* No load voltage: 2,600 V
* Full load voltage: 2,250 V
* Full load current: 1.2 A
* Regulation: 12 percent
* Transformer: 32 lb. E-I lamination grain oriented
* Capacitors: 63 mFd total, computer-grade
* Normal line current at rated CW output: 16 A at 120 Vac
* Normal line current at 1,200 watt PEP output: 17 A at 120 Vac
* Power line current in standby: 0.9 A at 120 Vac
* Type: 3CX800A7
* Continuous dissipation: 800 watts total
* Warm-up time: 180 seconds
* Estimated life: 8,000 hours ICAS
* Multimeter: peak forward power (continuously), second scale switches between peak reflected power (and SWR), ALC threshold, ALC output voltage, and high voltage
* Current meter: plate and grid current (simultaneously) on separate scales

Additional Features
* Negative going, 0 to 10 V, adjustable, phono jack
* Keying requires contact closure or sink of +12 Vdc at 100 mA, back pulse protected, phono jack
* RF connectors: SO-239
* Line connectors: NEMA 5-15P, standard 120 V three wire

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HF linear amplifier AL-800 for amateur radio

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