• HF linear amplifier AL-1500 for amateur radio


The Ameritron AL-1500 linear amplifier provides maximum legal RF output power and more. By using the Herculean 3CX1500A / 8877 ceramic tube with its high power gain, the AL-1500 only needs 65 watts of drive from your amateur radio transceiver to deliver the goods. This HF amplifier allows your equipment to stay in place while you send over 1500 watts to your antenna. The AL-1500 HF linear amplifiers are built on a rugged steel chassis with a separate RF compartment fully shielded to prevent RF leakage, minimizing RFI and TVI. Exceptional RF design and layout, Hi-Q tank circuit and commercial grade RF power components deliver 65% efficiency across the entire operating range. The linear HF amplifier AL-1500 has 2 light meters. The network current meter provides a continuous reading of the critical network current and indicates correct and safe operation of the amplifier. The other meter can be selected to read plate voltage, plate current, RF power peak, or ALC. An SSB / CW selector chooses the bias voltage for the best linearity in SSB or the lowest dissipation in CW. The Standby / Standby switch maintains filament and tube plate tensions while allowing "barefoot" operation. They include a 12-volt DC auxiliary plug and an "XMT" LED to indicate the correct amplifier assignment by the exciter.

Features Maximum drive power permissible: 100 Watts
Typical drive for full power output: 65 watts
Power Supply circuit type: Full wave bridge rectifier, capacitor input
Tube Warm-up time: 180 seconds
ALC: Negative going, 0-20V, adjustable phono jack
Efficiency CW: Approx. 67%
Efficiency SSB (envelope crest): 67%
Keying: Requires relay closure or sinking to ground of 12 VDC at 100 mA phono jack
Line Cord NEMA Plug: 240 Vac, 6-15P
Amplifier Type: Tube
Amplifier Band Coverage: 160-15 meters
Amplifier Power Output PEP: 2,000+ watts
Amplifier Input Power: 65 watts
Amplifier Supply Voltage: 240 Vac
Maximum Line Current: 15 A
External Power Supply: No

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HF linear amplifier AL-1500 for amateur radio

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