• HF Amplifiers AL-1200 for amateur radio


The Ameritron AL-1200 HF amplifiers offer 1500 watts of power (one hour continuously) and operate from 160 to 15 meters. They can be modified by an authorized user for operations of 12 and 10 meters. These amateur radio HF amplifiers use a single Eimac® 3CX1200Z7 ceramic transmission tube, a hardened version of the "A7" (also known as YU-181 for commercial applications) in a class grounding circuit AB2. They have the durability of glass tubes with the power dissipation of ceramic tubes. Efficiency CW, FM and RTTY is improved by moving the polarization deeper into Class B. The rugged power supply and RF components, combined with a forced air system using a chimney, ensure a long service life. expensive component. The AL-1200 HF amplifiers for amateur radio are delivered at the factory for a 240 V, 50/60 Hz power supply. The ultra-rugged power supply unit operates at full legal power, capable of delivering power of more than 2 500 watts of 2-tone PEP output for half an hour is what makes Ameritron AL-1200 amplifiers for amateur radio stand out from the competition. Peter Dahl's highly efficient tape-wound Hypersil transformer weighs 32 pounds, which equates to a 45-lb. Transformer using standard E-I lamellae. You have real high-quality, high-intensity computer capacitors with screw terminals, not short, short, soldered capacitors that can not dissipate the heat generated by high current. The failure of carbon equalization resistors used in most HF amplifiers is the main cause of filter capacitor failures. When a carbon resistance becomes hot, its resistance drops, causing more current and resistance becomes hotter. This destructive cycle is repeated until the carbon resistance opens and causes excessive voltage on the capacitor, which can cause the capacitor to explode. Carbon compensation resistors can not fail in AL-1200 amplifiers. Their 7 Watt, 50 W ohm wireless equalizing resistors safely protect each filter capacitor, in contrast to the 100K 2W resistors that others use. In addition, the lower value resistor gives you better voltage regulation. The AL-1200 rectifier panels use diodes designed for a massive 200 amps shock current, so you risk accidentally shorting the high voltage power supply and the diodes will not blow.

Features Input
* Input circuit type: Pi-network, slug tuned coils
* Maximum VSWR at resonance: 1.2:1
* Minimum 2:1 VSWR bandwidth: 20 percent
* Maximum drive power permissible: 130 watts
* Typical drive for full power output: 100 watts
* Output circuit type: Pi-L, Pi
* One-hour continuous carrier: 1,500 watts (below 18 MHz)
* 30-second continuous carrier: 1,800 watts plus
* One-hour PEP 2-tone test: 1,800 watts
Power Supply
* Circuit type: full wave bridge, capacitor input
* No load voltage: 3,600V
* Full load voltage. 3,300V
* Full load current: .8 amp
* Regulation: 10 percent or better
* Transformer: 32 lbs., Hypersil
* Capacitors: 26 mfd total, computer-grade
* Maximum draw at rated output: 13 amps at 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
* Type: (1) Eimac® 3CX1200Z7
* Continuous dissipation: 1,200 watts
* Warm-up time: 10 seconds
* Multimeter: plate current, plate voltage, drive/ALC, power output (PEP watts)
* Grid: grid current
* ALC: negative going, 0-20 V, adjustable, phono jack

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HF Amplifiers AL-1200 for amateur radio

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