• HF amplifier AL-811X for amateur radio

The Ameritron AL-811X HF linear amplifiers are quiet desktop models that are so compact that they will slide directly into your amateur radio station, and you'll hardly know it until the QRM installs. The AL-811X amplifier offers you a 600 watts PEP output. The AL-811X amplifiers cover all HF bands and there is no compromise on WARC and most MARS bands because you get 100% output. You can use this amateur radio HF amplifier in all modes. Get 600 watts of PEP SSB output and 500 watts of CW output. You even get 400 watts on the demanding continuous modes like RTTY, SSTV, FM and AM. Ameritron AL-811X amplifiers are manufactured with three 811A heavy-duty transmission tubes. An input granted to the Pi network provides a 50 ohm load for your installation. Even rugged solid-state amateur radios can provide full power to AL-811X amplifiers. Low-loss reels, adjustable on the rear panel, allow you to optimize performance. The high-quality, low-drift silver mica capacitors maintain a proper chord. The low-loss Pi-array output tank of the AL-811X RF amplifiers has been carefully designed for optimal Q on each band and built with quality RF components. The results are peak performance on each band, a wide range of impedance matching and exceptionally smooth tuning with yields close to 70%. Even a SWR load of 3: 1 will not damage the tubes or tank components.

Features Line Cord NEMA Plug: 240 Vac, 6-15P
Amplifier Type: Tube
Amplifier Band Coverage: 160-10 meters
Amplifier Power Output PEP: 600 watts
Amplifier Input Power: 100 watts
Amplifier Supply Voltage: 240 Vac
Maximum Line Current: 5 A
External Power Supply: No
* Operate/standby switch lets you run barefoot, but you can instantly switch to full power if needed
* Adapt-A-Volt power transformer compensates for stressful high and low line voltage
* Two illuminated cross-needle meters
* Transmit LED tells you when your rig is keying the AL-811 amplifiers
* Quiet blower keeps 811A tube temperature low without the noise of oversized fans
* 12 Vdc keying relay makes it compatible with solid-state and tube rigs
* Precise and easy plate tuning with a ball bearing Vernier reduction drive
* Built-in back-pulse canceling diode protects your rig's keying circuit
* Shielded RF compartment

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HF amplifier AL-811X for amateur radio

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