• ATR-30 Ameritron, manual antenna tuner

Ameritron ATR-30 antenna tuners are high power manual antenna tuners with a roller inductor "T" adaptive array that continuously adjusts all frequencies from 1.8 to 30 MHz. They also have a built-in 3 kilowatt pickup or a medium directional sensing power indicator.

The Ameritron ATR-30 HF Amateur Radio Calibrators have rear panel connectors for coaxial power lines and wires. A high voltage, isolated current balun allows them to be used with balanced feed lines.

The ATR-30 calibrators operate safely on all bands with 3 kilowatt RF (CW or SSB) power levels with load impedances from 35 to 500 ohms. The matching range also extends from 1 ohm to 2500 ohms (5 ohms to 500 ohms over 160 meters) at slightly reduced power.

Peak and average power, reflected power, and SWR are displayed on a cross needle meter. A 6-position internal antenna selector selects three coaxial line outputs or a single-line balanced line output. Two coaxial line outputs, ANTENNA 1 and 2, are available in the "tuned" (with the corresponding network of the online tuner) or "direct" (without corresponding circuit) configurations. The ANTENNA 3 coaxial output port is only available in direct configuration (without a matching system). Balanced wire / line positions are available only as "tuned" configurations.

Features Antenna Tuner Type: Manual
Antenna Tuner Location: Desktop
Weather-Resistant: No
Mobile Whip Tuner: No
Tuner Maximum Power Rating: 3,000 watts
Frequency Range: 1.8-30 MHz
Tuner Inductor Type: Roller
Tuner Capacitors: 2
Tuner Bypass Switch: Yes
Tuner Control Type: External
Internal Dummy Load: No
Internal Balun Type: Current
DC Power Required: Yes
Tuner Width: 13.000 in.
Tuner Height: 5.750 in.
Tuner Depth: 14.250 in.
Tuner Weight: 17.00 lbs.

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ATR-30 Ameritron, manual antenna tuner

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