• ATR-20 Ameritron, manual antenna tuner


Ameritron ATR-20 Amateur Radio HF Antenna Tuners are versatile and powerful antenna tuners. The adaptation network "T" of the ATR-20's roller inductor continuously adjusts all frequencies between 1.8 and 30 MHz. They also have a built-in 3 kilowatt pickup or a medium directional power indicator. The ATR-20s have convenient connectors for coaxial and wire feed lines. A robust, high-voltage insulated balun of the current type allows use with balanced feed lines.

Properly tuned, these ATR-20 tuners work safely on all bands with RF power levels of 1.2 kilowatts SSB and 600 watts CW. They will handle load impedances from 25 to 800 ohms. Their matching range also extends from one ohm to 2500 ohms (5 ohms to 500 ohms over 160 meters) at slightly reduced power. Peak and average power, reflected power, and SWR are displayed on a cross needle meter.

A six-position internal antenna selector selects three coaxial line outputs or a single symmetrical line. Two coaxial line outputs, ANTENNA 1 and 2, are available in "tuned" (with the corresponding tuner network) or "direct" (without corresponding circuit) configurations.

The ANTENNA 3 coaxial output port is only available in direct configuration (without a matching system). WIRE / BALANCED LINE positions are only available as "tuned" configurations.
Features Antenna Tuner Type: Manual
Antenna Tuner Location: Desktop
Weather-Resistant: No
Mobile Whip Tuner: No
Tuner Maximum Power Rating: 1,200 watts
Frequency Range: 1.8-30 MHz
Tuner Inductor Type: Roller
Tuner Capacitors: 2
Tuner Bypass Switch: Yes
Tuner Control Type: External
Internal Dummy Load: No
Internal Balun Type: Current
DC Power Required: Yes
Tuner Width: 13.500 in.
Tuner Height: 5.500 in.
Tuner Depth: 13.250 in.

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ATR-20 Ameritron, manual antenna tuner

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