• Amplifier tuner ATP-102 for amateur radio

This luxury Ameritron ATP-102 trimmer eliminates temperature-related constraints on amplifiers, tuners, and dummy loads, while allowing for proper system tuning. It allows tuning an amplifier with the required full player of an amateur radio without overheating the finals or anything else in the RF line. They send a series of pulses to the amateur radio allowing the peak power to be high enough to drive the amplifier at full power, but with a low enough average power not to overheat the finals. This Ameritron ATP-102 Deluxe amplifier tuner works with any amateur solid-state radio transceiver or transmitter and any other equipment that uses positive line voltages less than 50 V in open circuit and 100 mA in direct current. . These blowers use a timer integrated circuit 555 driving an FET open-drain switch. Two front panel controls allow independent adjustment of repetition rate (pulse rate) and on-off time (duty cycle). The pulse rate is adjustable from about 17 to 40 pulses per second, while the duty cycle is adjustable from about 10 to 90%. The modulation time intervals are generally adjustable from 2-40 mS TX ON time, and a pulse repetition time interval of 24 to 60 mS (pause).

Features Tuning Pulser Controls: External
Tuning Pulser Power: 9 V battery
Tuning Pulser CW Keying Connector: Standard RCA phono plug

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Amplifier tuner ATP-102 for amateur radio

  • Brand: Ameritron
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