• Amplifier AL-80BX for HF amateur radio

AL-80BX's exclusive dynamic ALC provides you with high-level, low-distortion RF processing. When activated, they can more than double the average power of the SSB and produce an improvement in intelligibility of up to 6 dB. This maximizes your conversation power without distortion and splashing. Convenient control of the front panel allows you to adjust your output power level. The exclusive instant RF bias of the AL-80BX HF amplifiers completely extinguishes the 3-500ZG tube (except the filaments) between the words or so-called CW and dahs. This feature eliminates the waste of RF power in heat, for cooler operation and longer component life. The Ameritron AL-80BX HF amplifier uses a true 3-500ZG tube, not the less expensive and less reliable 3-500 tubes used by some competitors. The guts of the AL-80BX amplifiers are their powerful power supplies. A 26-lb. Transformer with a high-silicon steel core, computer-grade capacitors, rugged traps, and 10 3-amp, 1000-volt power rectifiers provides a fully-charged 2700V. The AL-80BX HF radio amplifier is built on a sturdy steel frame. It has a separate RF compartment that is fully shielded to prevent RF leakage. This keeps RFI and TVI to a minimum. Their unique RF design and layout, Hi-Q tank circuit, and commercial grade RF power components allow you to achieve nearly 70% plate efficiency over most amateur radio bands. The power goes into your antenna instead of heating your amplifier. A quiet internal fan draws fresh air from the power supply components and pressurizes the tube compartment to remove heat and extend its life. A broadband tuned Pi input of 50 ohms is used. Even the most powerful semiconductor amateur radio will provide full power to the amplifier. Low-loss reels, adjustable on the rear panel, allow you to optimize performance. A carefully designed Pi / Pi-L output network, using optimal Q for each band, offers exceptionally smooth tuning, an extremely wide matching range, full coverage, and optimum performance at all power levels. The AL-80BX HF amplifiers therefore benefit from special Step-Start starter protection on your tube and power components. Another unique feature of Ameritron is the multi-voltage power transformer that allows you to optimize for different line voltages. Choose from 14 different main voltages of 90-140 Vac and 205-250 Vac. The high voltage secondary can be wired to reduce plate voltage for efficient operation below 400 watts for use outside the United States.

Features Amplifier Band Coverage: 160-10 meters
Amplifier Power Output PEP: 1,000 watts
Amplifier Input Power: 100 watts
Amplifier Supply Voltage: 220 Vac
Maximum Line Current: 8 A
External Power Supply: No

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Amplifier AL-80BX for HF amateur radio

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