• Amplifier AL-500MX for HF amateur radio

Ameritron's ALS-500MX HF amplifiers are 500-watt linear PEP output semiconductor linear amplifiers using rugged bipolar RF devices, cautious in the power output section. The ALS-500MX HF amplifier operates at full power with a continuous frequency coverage of 1.8 to 29.7 MHz (160 to 10 meters **). This HF amateur radio amplifier requires no adjustment. The LS-500MX RF amplifiers use two pairs of 2SC2879 transistors operating at 13.8V nominal in a balanced output configuration. High-quality RF components combine with charge-loss detection, temperature protection, and switch frequency selection to make it one of the simplest and easiest HF amplifiers. use today. The ALS-500MX HF amplifier operates on 13.8 VDC electrical systems and consumes a peak current of 80 amperes at full power.

Features Amplifier Band Coverage: 160-10 meters
Amplifier Power Output PEP: 500 watts
Amplifier Input Power: 100 watts
Amplifier Supply Voltage: 14 Vdc
Maximum Line Current: 80 A
External Power Supply: No
* Instant band switching, no tuning, no warm-up--just turn on and operate, making mobile QSOs safe
* Very compact, fits in nearly any mobile installation and weighs only 7 lbs.
* Extremely quiet low speed, low volume fan stays off and silent until temperature rises
* Output power is 500 watts PEP, 400 watts CW
* Full output with exciter drive less than 100 watts input
* Load fault protection disables and bypasses amplifier if antenna has excessively high reflected power or if band switching is set lower than exciter frequency, virtually eliminates damage because of operating error
* Load fault LED indicator
* Thermal overload LED indicator
* Thermal overload protection disables and bypasses amplifier if temperature is excessively high, automatically resets when temperatures drop to safe level
* Excellent harmonic suppression, multiple section output network, push-pull output circuit has excellent harmonic suppression
* DC current meter lets you monitor collector current
* On/off switch bypasses amplifier for "barefoot" operation without having to disconnect high current power supply cables
* Power supply requirements, 14 Vdc at 80 amperes peak current for PA transistors and separate line for 14-16 Vdc at 4 amperes for control and bias circuits.

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Amplifier AL-500MX for HF amateur radio

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